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The Law Offices of Mona J. Fine

A boutique law firm in Newark, Ohio focusing on Family Law, Estate Planning, & Probate.

Legal servicesMona J. Fine began her career in law over 30 years ago. Her legal experience, passion, and personal conviction to provide top-notch "Caring Legal Services" have made her one of the leading client advocates practicing law in Central Ohio.


At the Law Offices of Mona J. Fine, we offer many legal services for both individuals as well as businesses. If we can't help you, we can refer your business to another trusted attorney within our network.


If you are in need of strong legal representation, by someone who is willing to fight for your rights, to help you put aside the emotion in order to better focus on the issues, give Mona a call.


Legal Services for Individuals:


Domestic Relations/Family Law • Prenuptial Agreement
• Adoption Divorce
Dissolution Child Custody/Visitation
• Grandparent Rights Contempt
Civil Protection Orders • Guardian Ad Litem Services
Wills & Estate Plans Probate
• Education: Suspensions, Expulsions, Special Needs, IEP's


Legal Services for Businesses:


Limited Liability Company Corporation
Buy/Sell Agreements Partnership Agreements
Operating Agreements



“You are always careful to explain things in detail so that I understand the legal aspects and you have been very patient. Thank you for being there. I sleep better at night knowing you are on my side.”
- Columbus, OH

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